We’re your favourite sporting team, your home town, your happy place. We love birthdays, gifts, cars, charities, small business, anniversaries, new jobs, lucky numbers, loved ones, freedom, self expression and those hobbies that keep you sane. We’re made for what matters with designs and combinations that tell your story and salute the things you love.

Feeling inspired? We have millions of combinations, more than 50 new designs and prices to suit every budget. We’re fast, easy to order, hassle-free and yours for life. Why? Because you matter to us. And now you can tell the world what matters to you.

Celebrate the passions that unite us and the things that make us individual and unique. Because in New Zealand, we wear our heart on our sleeves and our pride on our plates! We can help you with all things plates, so call us on 0800 650 111.

Website: kiwiplates.nz

Project Craz-E -horse Involvement: Competition and supply of new number plate for Craz-E -horse