Welcome to Project Craz-E -horse

Craz-E -horse will be the world's fastest street legal electric powered vehicle.

Based around a 5th generation Mustang GT, the extensively modified but street legal vehicle will have the look and stance of a 'Hot Wheels' model car, and will be extremely minimal in every sense.

Craz-E -horse will be used on both the street and drag strip, and will have two very different operation modes – (1) Nana Mode for street driving with a range of up to 100k’s, and (2) Animal Mode for drag racing duties.

Craz-E -horse will be initially revealed at CRC Speedshow July 2017 as an unfinished project, and in the months following will be tested and completed to allow us to set a world record as the fastest street legal electric vehicle over a ¼ mile. All record attempts will be run at Meremere Dragway under the watchful eye of NEDRA (NEDRA is the National Electric Drag Racing Association based in the USA).


Project Craz-E -horse key points

  • We decided this Project should be named Craz-E -horse (the ‘E’ stands for Electric and the horse part stems from the fact that we are using a Mustang)
  • Craz-E-horse is an exceptionally high end show quality build that is utilising the very best parts and Electric Vehicle technology available today. Nothing of this calibre or nature currently exists on the planet!
  • We are using a newly developed 2000 Horse Power state of the art permanent magnetic single motor with a custom motor controller that utilises the very latest ceramic capacitors, plus the highest powered batteries pack to ever to hit the track!
  • The car will have two driving modes (Nana mode for docile street driving with somewhere around a 60 mile range, plus animal mode for all out drag racing)
  • The car will be extremely minimal in every sense and resemble more of a race car inside and out rather than a street car
  • We have assembled the very best international team who will be helping us achieve our goals
    • Nick & Derek Mitchell from MRX (Mitchell Race Extreme) are our project managers and car fabricators (MRX build NZ's leading race cars)
    • John Metric, President of NEDRA in the USA is the project technical adviser and supplier of EV Parts from Lonestar EV Performance in Texas
    • Gary Bogaart (from Meremere Dragway) and the team at IHRA NZ are providing valuable drag racing expertise and help throughout the project
  • After we have revealed Craz-E -horse at CRC Speedshow 2017 the car will be completed, prepped and tested, ready for us to set a ¼ mile world record for the fastest street legal electric car.  All runs will be done at Meremere Dragway NZ.
  • Project Craz-E -horse will be professionally managed by the team at CRC Speedshow. As part of the project we aim to promote, demonstrate, maximize and highlight the ‘Coolness Factor’ of Electric Vehicle technology here in NZ and around the world. Unfortunately, the ‘Coolness Factor’ surrounding electric cars is currently pretty much non-existent here in NZ at present, but we are aiming to change that!